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ударение се поставя на Ъ, а не на А: "Блъ'гарськъ" emphasis is on Ъ, not on А

OiL, just out of curiosity, what makes you think the accent of "блъгарьскъ" is on the the second syllable like in modern russian? All other european languages, all neighboring languages lke greek, romanian, serbian and the bulgarian language itself have retained accent on the first syllable. Russian seems to be an exception. And as Russia is not the center of the world nor this is a russian wikipedia either, I suggest that we move the accent on the first syllable - unless somebody provides any evidence that the accent was elsewhere in the middle ages. Regards, Evlogi

Уважаеми Евлоги, in Old Bulgarian language accent can not be placed on reduced vowel (ъ) if it is followed with syllable with full vowel (а) in word's root. Ако имате някои проблеми с руския произношението на това слово, тя дойде от старобългарски език. ОилЪ 03:10, фєвроуарїꙗ 29 числа, 2012 (UTC)

Благодаря за труда да пишете на български език. I couldn't help noticing that the modern russian accent is more like an exception compared to all other languages. But, your explanation makes sense an if this is the case, then it makes sense and the accent is okay. Thanks, Evlogi.