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ѿⰿⰵⱀⰰ ​ⱂⱃⰰⰲⰽⱏⰻ​/Ѻтмена правки[исправлѥниѥ источьна обраꙁа]

Нельзѧ ​ли​ спросить, почемꙋ̀ ​вы̀​ ѻтменили ​правкꙋ оучастника Петра Константиновича ​на ​странице​ <<Оульꙗновскъ>>? — аѵтографъ нє сътвор҄ии си словєса напьса польꙃєватєл҄ь Кулинар Кулинарыч (бєсѣда · добродѣꙗниꙗ Уважаемый ОйЛ, почему вы не отвечаете на моей странице? — аѵтографъ нє сътвор҄ии си словєса напьса польꙃєватєл҄ь Кулинар Кулинарыч (бєсѣда · добродѣꙗниꙗ

мѣнꙑ[исправлѥниѥ источьна обраꙁа]


It has come to my attention that you like to delete pages here and there and change them around in some unaccounted for manners. There is no rule for writing the verb to be at the end of the sentence so there is no need for you to change it every time someone puts it in the middle of a sentence. Please account for some of the newer users who try their hardest to contribute to the community. Also, please realize that there are many ways to spell some words in this language so there are times when certain users will use different versions and that is OKAY - no need to change it. Anyways, thank you for your contribution and thanks for fixing up my page on The Society of Jesus as well as your overall large quantity of contributions elsewhere in the site. Please do not take any hard feelings from this.

- Никола

Dear Nikola, I really appreciate your efforts and your interest for cu.wiki and Old Church Slavic language in gereneral. So I try to explain some things.
  • First, for wiki matters. I have indeed deleted your article which consisted of one phrase of meaningfull text and no sources, categories and interwiki. Such pages are the subject for speedy deletion, and my duty as a administrator is to delete them. And please note that I haven't delete the information about the motto entirely but added it to the parent article about the Jesuits. In fact there also have been a couple of days before deletion to everyone to fix the article but nobody tried. Try to write articles with at least 1 or 2 KB of meaningfull text and sources (citations of books or websites for clarify the information), please. If you're not familiar with wiki markup, the safest bet is to copy things from existing articles. Probably bg.wiki have the manuals in Bulgarian language for that matter too.
  • Second, for language issues. Indeed, the manuscripts have many spelling variations. Everybody realises that. And to solve that problem academic linguists created common academic ortography normalization rules for Old Church Slavic. Most modern academic textbooks and dictionaries follow those rules as well as cu.wiki. So I just fix the words accordingly. The general principle is that language standard is based on classical Old Church Slavic period of stst. Cyrill and Methodius and the First Bulgarian Tsardom. Spelling varians are chosen upon Proto-Slavic etymology basis and the letters have fixed phonetic value. I would recommend the best and most reliable academic dictionaries for you (Dictionary of Czech Academy and Цейтлин-Вечерка-Благова) both for the vocabulary and spelling normalization rules descriptions, but those two are only in Czech, Latin and Russian. Well, you can stil use them for vocabulary and preffered spelling. Wikipedia content is supposed to be based on reliable sources, and it is also convenient for avoiding edit wars over spelling preferences and language variants. There is also wiki help page П:О with general explanation of normalisation and its cu.wiki specific (we had to outline particular normalisation rules for Greek loanwords, because dictionaries properly normalise only native Slavic ones, for example).
  • Third, for ongoing stuff in Братьство Їисоуса. I replace Cyrillic numerals for Arabic ones because so says the local convention for spelling dates (Помощь:Чисмєна) which is used through the whole wiki. The form "Римьски" is incorrect. (In fact, in initial OCS "ки" is phoneticaly impossible and is used only in foreign loanvords.) It is either "Римьск" (fem. genitive) or Римьсцѣ (fem. and masc. locative) as К turns into Ц because of palatalisation. The phrase "сътворѥно на сєптѧбрь МФ҂А лѣто · ижє Игнатїи Лоиола 1534 лѣта почѧ и папєжь Паѵлъ Г҃ 1540 лѣта оустави" is nonsensical as it pointlesly mentions the 1540 year twice. The "на сєптѧбрь МФ҂А лѣто" is also grammatically incorrect anyway. You shouldn't revert stuff like that after it has been fixed. Finally, you are right about there is no rule for putting verbs in the end of phrase, that's just the style stuck with this wiki for the long time.
Anyway, I hope all this stuff won't discourage you. Feel free to ask me anything about wiki and language related stuff. ОилЪ (бєсѣда) 23:32, аѷгоуста 21 числа, 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Удаление Кротъ[исправлѥниѥ источьна обраꙁа]

Зачем вы удалили эту страницу? ЛингвоЧел (бєсѣда) 07:50, їоунїꙗ 12 числа, 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Потому что она содержала текст на русском языке, испорченный бессмысленной заменой пары букв. Здесь не Википедия на русском языке, она находится по адресу https://ru.wikipedia.org/. Вы не сможете превратить русский текст в старославянский автоматической заменой букв. Добавление подобных страниц подпадает под критерии быстрого удаления (для примера, см. правила той же русской Википедии ru:Википедия:Критерии_быстрого_удаления#С2). Кроме того, на той странице не было ни категорий, ни шаблонов, ни источников — такое надо держать в черновиках и дорабатывать, а не выкладывать в основное пространство. Страница была удалена через неделю после создания, так что у автора было время её доработать, на что он предпочёл не тратить время. ОилЪ (бєсѣда) 05:31, їоунїꙗ 13 числа, 2019 (UTC)[reply]

New article[исправлѥниѥ источьна обраꙁа]

Hi my friend.could you please make two article about united states and joseph stalin ? if yes please create this two article in your own language wikipedia.

Page creations and deletions[исправлѥниѥ источьна обраꙁа]

Please look at Special:Log, where you will find several pages being created and deleted over the last few days. This is being discussed at m:Steward requests/Miscellaneous#Presumed LTA pushing small wikis to 1K, because the page creations appear to be the work of a longtime wiki vandal ("LTA" = "Long-Term Abuser") who regularly creates "useless" pages on small wikis in order to push them to an article-count milestone that could be announced at m:Wikimedia News. If you want to help deal with this problem, or if you want to complain about how it is being handled, please comment in that discussion. (Comment here on this page if you don't understand something I have said.) - dcljr (бєсѣда) 23:40, маїꙗ 19 числа, 2020 (UTC)[reply]