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Titlo[исправлѥниѥ источьна обраꙁа]

Please note that proper Unicode titlo character for Cyrillic is U+0483 and it's already used in {{Тїтло}} (which should be used only with "subst:"). For numerals every letter should be marked with titlo, but for abbreviations (as Х҃Р) one titlo in the middle of the word is enough. Thank you. ОилЪ (бєсѣда) 10:45, аѷгоуста 16 числа, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for your notice, I have rewrited the template, this template can provide alternate style of Titlo. The original code was based on new characters for Titlo, they can used to placed a titlo over two letters, but I haven't consider the compatibility, so I considered the way of generating titlos, and impelemented it. You can generating both Х҃Р and Х︮︯Р for abbreviations. I suggest you to require some open-source typographic communities to provide support for these marks, such as Dejavu font and GNU FreeFont.--Great Brightstar (бєсѣда) 15:04, аѷгоуста 16 числа, 2015 (UTC)
Well, I found this page there is the newest font package providing support for half titlos, so you can feel free to use them. :-) --Great Brightstar (бєсѣда) 03:13, аѷгоуста 30 числа, 2015 (UTC)

About your recent edits[исправлѥниѥ источьна обраꙁа]

First, about {{lang-orv}}. Old Church Slavonic language has complicated morphology, so slightly adjusted copypaste doesn't work with it. Removing of palatalization diacritics is not okay. They must be always presented in articles and templates' text (additional redirects without diacritics are okay though). Second, about {{OldStyle}}. While it's technically valid, there is no actual point in it, as the whole wiki is supposed to be in "oldstyle". ОилЪ (бєсѣда) 11:38, апрїлїꙗ 18 числа, 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for your notice, that's my fault, I have found a language template uses redirect page without palatalization diacritics and I follow it, but I don't know I made a wrong text. I create some redirect page without palatalization diacritics is intended to make convenience for search, I think many pages should have a redirect page without diacritics to help readers. Second, I made the template {{OldStyle}} because one day I want to add new suitable fonts come from http://ponomar.net into {{KurKlim}} but failed, so I decided to create a new one as a branch. --Great Brightstar (бєсѣда) 05:38, апрїлїꙗ 24 числа, 2016 (UTC)
Now I merged {{OldStyle}} into {{KurKlim}}. Additionaly, if you want more character supports, you can contect Aleksandr Andreev, here is his repositories you can send issue to him. --Great Brightstar (бєсѣда) 05:49, апрїлїꙗ 24 числа, 2016 (UTC)